Maple 10 - Harnessing the Power of Mathematics.

Juergen Gerhard, Maplesoft.

February 16th, 2005 at 3:00pm in K9509.


This presentation will highlight some of the new features in Maple 10.
The graphical user interface has been enriched by many aspects turning
Maple into a true authoring environment for live mathematical documents,
such as a 2-dimensional mathematical expression editor, tables, a
presentation mode that allows selective hiding of Maple syntax, and over
1500 new mathematical characters and symbols.

On the mathematical side, Maple 10 offers a comprehensive new Statistics
package, two new packages for algebraic geometry and polynomial system
solving, enhanced numerical and symbolic differentiation, new packages
sound and image processing, a Student[VectorCalculus] package, more
powerful algorithms for differential equations, and more.

The participation of members from Maplesoft's research partners at
ORCCA, SFU, INRIA, and MSU in creating some of these great new features
is gratefully acknowledged.