Cellular Automata, a tool in pure and applied mathematics.

Dr. Vahid Dabbaghian, The MoCSSy Program, IRMACS, Simon Fraser University

November 17th, 12:30pm in K9509.

A cellular automata (CA) is a discrete mathematical model of 
spatial interactions of particular states, which changes stepwise 
according to specific rules conditioned on the states of neighboring 
cells. CA model has several applications in mathematics, physics, 
theoretical biology and microstructure modelling. In this talk we first 
review its recent application for modeling complex social systems such 
as, modeling HIV spread through sexual contact, modeling residential 
migration in response to neighborhood social dynamics, and modeling 
crime and the impact of liquor licensed establishment density. Then we 
show how linear cellular automata yields interesting patterns on 
elements of permutation groups, when elements are ordered by 
lexicographic ordering.