MITACS Seminar Series on Mathematics of Computer Algebra and Analysis

Solving parametric polynomial systems with the RegularChains library in Maple.

Wei Pan, University of Western Ontario

11:00am, Wednesday December 5th, 2007, in K9509.


Solving polynomial systems with parameters has become an increasing need
in several applied areas such as robotics, geometric modeling, stability
analysis of dynamical systems and others. These questions have been
approached by various techniques including comprehensive Groebner bases,
and triangular decompositions.

The notion of a comprehensive triangular decomposition (CTD), introduced
by C. Chen, O. Golubitsky, F. Lemaire, M. Moreno Maza and W. Pan  (CASC 2007)
combines the advantages of these previous techniques. An algorithm for
computing CTDs has also been proposed by the authors. Its implementation
within the RegularChains library has led to two new modules that we shall
demonstrate in this talk. The first one offers functionalities to manipulate
constructible sets. The second one provides tools for studying parametric
polynomial systems.