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Poster Abstract

An Inversion Algorithm for Multiple-Source Dispersion and Deposition of Particulate Matter

Enkeleida Lushi

Our project investigates the dispersion and deposition of pollutant particles under the influence of diffusion, advection by the wind and gravitational settling effects. The primary aim is to aid Teck Cominco Ltd. in obtaining better estimates of yearly releases into the atmosphere of certain pollutants in the smelting area of Trail, B.C.

This Inverse problem is often referred to as "inverse source modeling and computation". We explain a new approach for estimating the emitted quantity of particulate matter for each chemical, from each stack. Our model incorporates an exact solution to an idealized steady-state of the 3-D advection-diffusion equation, into an optimization solver to find the emission rates from the amount of monthly deposited matter in the receivers. The model allows input site-specific constraints derived from the chemical processes, which help decrease the error in the solution.