Principal Speaker
George Andrews
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park
Pfaff's Method (III): Comparison With the WZ Method
Pfaff's Method (III): Comparison With the WZ Method
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In the 1990's, the WZ method has been the method of choice in resolving new conjectures for hypergeometric identities. The object here is to compare the WZ method with Pfaff's method. Such a comparison should (it is hoped) provide some suggestions for the further development of each method.

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Born: Salem, Oregon
Undergraduate degree from Oregon State
Post-Graduate work at Cambridge University
Ph.D. from University of Pennsylvania
Interests: Most of George Andrews' considerable energy seems to be directed towards mathematics and the things that make mathematics possible, for example, improving mathematics education.
Comments (courtesy of his secretary Barbara): George Andrews is a rather private person who is much more likely to be enthusiastic about other people's accomplishments than his own achievements and interests. I know that he likes to play boogie-woogie piano, but I have difficulty imagining him pursuing many other non-mathematical activities.