Invited Speaker
Joe Buhler
Reed College
Portland, Oregon

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Paper: Juggling Drops and Descents
Talk: Juggling Permutations of the Integers
(QuickTime movie - 1.5M)
Abstract: We will discuss permutations f of the integers Z satisfying $f(x) \ge x$, and will give applications to juggling patterns. Demonstrations will be included.

About Myself

Born: Vancouver, WA, USA
B.A. Reed College 1972
Ph.D. Harvard University 1977
Interests: Many years ago, Ron Graham taught Tom Brown (at Simon Fraser University) to juggle. Tom then taught me to juggle, and I've been juggling seriously ever since. Other non-mathematical interests include playing golf, various outdoor sports, and even playing the piano on occasion. My mathematical interests include computational algebraic number theory, algebra, and cryptography.
Comments: It continues to amaze me that the ``site swap'' idea is fertile enough to provide inspiration both in mathematics and in juggling.