Invited Speaker
Henri Cohen
CEREMAB, Université de Bordeaux
Bordeaux, France

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Paper: Binary Cubic Forms and Cubic Number Fields
Talk: Binary Cubic Forms and Cubic Number Fields
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Abstract: The aim of this paper is to present in a naive manner a small part of the theory of binary cubic forms and in particular its application to cubic number fields. Most of the results are due to Davenport-Heilbronn , but the algorithmic applications seem to be new.

About Myself

Born: France
Research Interests:
Henri's research interests include number theory, and in particular modular forms, algebraic number theory and computational number theory. He is also very much involved with multi-precision packages and symbolic algebra systems. He is the author and main coordinator of the number theory package Pari-GP, and has written a basic textbook describing most of the algorithms included in this package. Henri Cohen is a professor at the Laboratoire d'algorithmique Arithmetique et Experimentale (A2X) at the University Bordeaux I.
Other Interests: Henri's main hobby is choir singing (classical repertoire), which he does around 8 hours a week.
Comments: I am fascinated by the two worlds which mathematics encompasses: the analytical world of rigor and form, and the artistic world of creativity and intuition.