Sequences and Regular Expressions

A Demo of some of the features of Maple V Release 4

J. S. Devitt
Waterloo Maple Inc.
450 Phillip Street,
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. N2L 5J2

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Live Mathematical Documents play an essential role in the presentation and investigation of mathematical topics. An essential step in achieving the desired focus is the implementation of primitive operations at the right level of abstraction for the topic at hand.
The published paper demonstrates one such special implementation used to support the modelling of sequence construction and enumeration via generating functions -- part of an introductory combinatorial course at the University of Waterloo. It is constructed directly from a Maple V Release 4 Worksheet. (At the time of publishing, the mathactivation for these electronic proceedings were still based on Maple V Release 3, so most of the examples are presently staticly.)