The Organic Mathematics Project
- Mission Statement -

Project Context

The OMP is a collaborative research project involving researchers at the Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics (partly supported by Simon Fraser University and the CECM, by the Centre de recherches mathmatiques (CRM), the TeleLearning Research Network, by University of Western Ontario, and by Waterloo Maple) and in-part involves the development of WWW-based and Maple-assisted tools for document annotation and math activation. Portions of this project are supported by Waterloo Maple Software Corp., MathActive, Inc. and the Canadian Mathematical Society.

The Organic Mathematics Workshop is the culmination of the first phase of the Multi Modal Mathematics Plexus project. This project is funded over a 3.5 year period as part of the Network Centres of Excellence - Telelearning based out of Simon Fraser University.

Organic Mathematics Workshop
Dec. 12 - 14, 1995

Software Development

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