Overview of the geometry Package

Calling Sequence

     geometry[ command ]( arguments )

      command ( arguments )


circle     conic      dsegment   ellipse   hyperbola  
line       parabola   point      segment   square     

   + Points of interest:

centroid   GergonnePoint   NagelPoint   orthocenter      

   + Lines of interest:

altitude     bisector   EulerLine   ExternalBisector   median  

   + Circles of interest:

circumcircle   EulerCircle   excircle   incircle      

   + Others:

area     AreConjugate   AreSimilar      IsEquilateral   IsRightTriangle  
medial   method         PedalTriangle   sides                           

AreCollinear   AreConcyclic   AreHarmonic   convexhull        coordinates    
CrossRatio     diameter       distance      HorizontalCoord   IsOnCircle     
IsOnLine       projection     randpoint     SensedMagnitude   VerticalCoord   

CrossProduct   midpoint   OnSegment         

diagonal   MakeSquare            

AreConcurrent   AreParallel      ArePerpendicular    Equation   FindAngle  
ParallelLine    PerpenBisector   PerpendicularLine   slope                

Apollonius   area          AreOrthogonal   center          CircleOfSimilitude  
Equation     powerpc       RadicalAxis     RadicalCenter   radius              
similitude   TangentLine                                                  

center   Equation   foci   MajorAxis   MinorAxis   

directrix   Equation   focus   vertex      

asymptotes   center   Equation   foci   vertices   

RegularPolygon   RegularStarPolygon            

dilatation   expansion           GlideReflection   homology      homothety       
inversion    reciprocation       reflection        rotation      SpiralRotation  
stretch      StretchReflection   StretchRotation   translation                  

AreTangent     DefinedAs   detail   form         HorizontalName  
intersection   Polar       Pole     projection   tangentpc       

More examples can be found in examples,geometry .

See Also

examples,geometry , geometry[draw] , geometry[objects] , geometry[transformation] , UsingPackages