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Workshop Computational Arithmetic Geometry

Date: July 5 - 9, 2004.
Location: PIMS SFU,
Simon Fraser University,
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6,
Description: An informal workshop, concentrating on computational arithmetic geometry and related topics. It is intended to have a relaxed schedule of talks, with ample time and opportunity for informal discussion.
Programme: The scientific programme is now available. It consists of presentations contributed by the participants and lectures by PIMS Distinguished Visitor Bjorn Poonen (UC Berkeley). There will also be ample time for collaboration and informal discussion.

On each day, there is a talk marked by (*) that is accessible to a wider mathematical audience.

Abstracts of the talks are also available.

Registration: Registration is required for participants and is free. You can register online via our Registration Page.
Web page: http://wayback.cecm.sfu.ca/~nbruin/WCAG2004

Nils Bruin
Dept. of Math.
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, BC

email: nbruin@sfu.ca
telephone: (604) 291-3794
fax: (604) 291-4947

Olga German
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, B.C.
Canada V5A 1S6

email: ogerman@pims.math.sfu
telephone: (604) 268-6655
fax: (604) 268-6657

Scientific contributions: Participants are invited to contribute talks. I will try to accommodate all contributions, but in case of overwhelming response, I may have to make a selection. If you want to contribute a talk, please supply me with Title and Abstract.
Travel: Simon Fraser University is located in Burnaby, BC, which is part of the Greater Vancouver Area of British Columbia, Canada. For travel information, look at the PIMS SFU visitor information. For other local information the PIMS SFU Local Guide (PDF file) is a good starting point.
Accommodation: A limited number of single rooms has been reserved at McTaggart-Cowan Hall on campus. On the registration form, you can indicate if you want to make use of this housing. Use is free of charge for a registered participant.
Funding: Funds are kindly provided by PIMS, as part of the Period of Concentration in Number Theory. A limited number of single rooms is available on campus free of charge for registered participants.

Also, a limited amount of financial support is available towards travel costs. This is primarily intended for graduate students and post-docs. Please indicate on the registration form if you want to be considered for travel support.

Participants: Preliminary list:

Adrian Belshaw (Simon Fraser University)
Michael Bennett (University of British Columbia)
David Boyd (University of British Columbia)
Martin Bright (University of Liverpool)
Nils Bruin (Simon Fraser University)
Iftikhar Burhanuddin (USC)
Imin Chen (Simon Fraser University)
Stephen Choi (Simon Fraser University)
Chris Coulter (Simon Fraser University)
Roque Domingo (Asociación Vecinal Barrio Chalet)
Victor Flynn (University of Liverpool)
Vishaal Kapoor (Simon Fraser University)
Shanta Laishram (TIFR, Mumbai, India)
Akos Pinter (University of Debrecen)
Bjorn Poonen (UC Berkeley)
Lisa Redekop (Simon Fraser University)
Chris Rowe (PIMS/SFU/UBC)
Edward Schaefer (Santa Clara University)
Tony Shaska (University of Idaho)
Ben Smith (Sydney University)
Maryam Verdian Rizi (Simon Fraser University)
Alexa van der Waall (Simon Fraser University)
Gary Walsh (University of Ottawa, CSE)
Soroosh Yazdani (UC Berkeley)
David Yeung (University of British Columbia)