MITACS Seminar Series on Mathematics of Computer Algebra and Analysis

On DifferentialAlgebra.

Francois Boulier, University of Lille

3:30pm, Monday December 8th, 2008, in K9509.

Slides from Talk


DifferentialAlgebra is the prototype of a new MAPLE package dedicated
to differential elimination. Actually, this package is nothing but an
interface package for the BLAD libraries, which constitute a tower of
five standalone, open source (LGPL), C libraries.

In this talk, after a short introduction to the theory, I will present
some of the functionality provided by BLAD through the DifferentialAlgebra
package and sketch the main issues that had to be solved in order
to design BLAD.

I will address also the most important issue: what is the point of
having standalone, open source, C libraries, dedicated to differential
elimination ?

The home page of the BLAD libraries is: 

The reference book of Ritt on differential algebra is available at: