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What Next?


The Organic Mathematics Project has taught us, above all, that it is possible and desirable to enliven mathematics exposition with appropriate technology. Some of the papers are very clearly much improved by this process. We also learned something of the limitations of current technology. Two of our biggest gripes are with HTML and with the poor quality resolution of the typical computer screen. As a permanent archival document this Proceedings does not really succeed, though it comes closer than we thought it would. As a prototype and an experiment to show what was possible and what is useful, and as a positioning tool to help us get ready for the real revolution to come, it succeeds far beyond our expectations.

We believe this project to be only the beginning of a revolution in mathematics education. It has barely touched the issue of multimedia (though we are making an attempt to include some videos and audios of the speakers). The technology is changing rapidly, and we believe that very soon the issues of multimedia, living interactive mathematics using animation and real human contact, live on the Internet, will become inescapable.

Again, we do not believe that this Proceedings is the last word. We want to move from the research exposition end to the undergraduate education end (some concession to that is made in this volume, it is true), and perhaps even into the high schools. We want more living and lively mathematics---and we think we'll get it.

These are exciting times to live in.