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This project is a joint effort. The principal technical contributors were David Fayegh, Jack Ho, Greg Fee and Brigitte Dorner. The authoring team members who worked with the contributing authors were Dhavide Aruliah, Heinz Bauschke, David Bradley, Luis Goddyn, John Hebron, Daryl Hepting, Veso Jungic, Michael Monagan, Andrei Oltean, Jennifer Overington, Chris Pinner, Simon Plouffe, Lesley Robinson, Xianfu Wang, Erick Wong, Philip Ye. The executive coordinator was Nathalie Sinclair. For the editors of these Proceedings, it has been a real pleasure to work with this group of people. Especially considering the experimental nature of the project, the level of excellence demonstrated by each member of the team has been truly gratifying. The quality of the Proceedings we believe clearly attests to their abilities.