Mathematics for Chemistry with Symbolic Computation

John F. Ogilvie

Teach and learn mathematics with a computer!

The Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics in Simon Fraser University is pleased to announce the release of edition 6.0 of this interactive electronic textbook that operates with Maple software.

Download Mathematics for Chemistry with Symbolic Computation
  Edition 6.0, September 8, 2021   a zip archive.

This interactive electronic textbook, in the form of Maple worksheets, is released in its sixth edition, 2021 August. This book has two major divisions, mathematics for chemistry -- the mathematics that any instructor of a course in chemistry would wish a student thereof to understand and to be able to implement, and mathematics of chemistry, in the sense of the classic volumes by Margenau and Murphy -- mathematical treatments of particular topics in chemistry from an introductory post-secondary level to a post-graduate level. The content, which includes not only chapters in previous editions that have been revised but also additional chapters on quantum mechanics, molecular spectrometry and advanced chemical kinetics, has been collected during two decades, with many contributions from other authors, acknowledged in particular locations. Each chapter includes not only explanatory treatments but also illuminating examples and exercises with chemical applications where practicable.

Mathematics for Chemistry (chapters 0 to 8)
0 – introduction to Maple commands
1 – numbers, symbols and elementary functions
2 – plotting, geometry, trigonometry and functions
3 – differential calculus
4 – integral calculus
5 – multivariate calculus
6 – linear algebra
7 – differential and integral equations
8 – probability, statistics, regression and optimisation

Mathematics of chemistry (chapters 9 to 16)
9 – chemical equilibrium
10 group theory
11 graph theory
12 quantum mechanics in three parts – models, atoms and molecules
13 molecular spectrometry
14 Fourier transforms
15 advanced chemical kinetics
16 dielectric and magnetic properties

The nature of this electronic interactive textbook makes it applicable with an instructor in a traditional setting, or computer laboratory, for which the material of mathematics for chemistry could be reasonably covered in three or four semesters, but even for self study.

September 8th, 2021.