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I am a professor in the Department of Mathematics at Simon Fraser University. I got my Ph.D. at the University of Waterloo in 1989. My main area of research is computer algebra which is also called symbolic computation. I am interested in probabilistic algorithms (Monte Carlo, Las Vegas and Atlantic City algorithms) for solving problems in algebraic computation such as factoring polynomials and more generally, computational problems in algebra, number theory and discrete mathematics. I am also interested in the design of computer algebra systems. I have participated in the design and development of the Maple computer algebra system since 1983.

I have become interested in devoping and implementing high performance algorithms for computing with polynomials in many variables with various kinds of coefficients, for example, integers and algebraic numbers. With the advent of multi-core computers, it has become necessary to design and implement parallel algorithms. I am coding in Cilk C which is a parallel version of C originally developed at MIT.

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I have assembled a library of lecture videos on topics in computer algebra. Because of the pandemic, I was like many others forced to teach on-line. I've packaged up my lecture recordings, together with my lecture notes, under Computer Algebra Videos. This is a compilation of a first Introduction to Computer Algebra course and a second Topics in Computer Algebra course.

I am currently directing our Computational Algebra Group (CAG)

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