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Teaching Mathematics using Computers

Michael Monagan
Preprint: Internet Page Ranking Algorithms.
Appeared in The Maple Reporter, Maplesoft, Issue 3, March 2014.

Michael Monagan
Preprint: The Mortgage Payment Problem: Approximating a Discrete Process with a Differential Equation.
Appeared in The Maple Reporter, issue 2, February 2014.

Michael Monagan
Preprint: The House Warming Model
Appeared in The Maple Reporter, Maplesoft, Issue 1, January 2014.

Michael Monagan
Preprint: Groebner Bases: What are they and what are they useful for?
Appeared in The Maple Reporter, Maplesoft, Issue 10, October 2014.

Michael Monagan
Preprint: Measuring River Flow
Appeared in The Maple Reporter, Maplesoft, Issue 12, January 2013.

Michael Monagan.
Preprint: Teaching Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry using Computer Algebra Systems
Submitted August 2012 to eJMT (electronic Journal of Mathematics and Technology).

Michael Monagan and John Ogilvie.
Improving the Teaching of Mathematics to Students of Science and Engineering.
Albanian Journal of Mathematics 4(4) 223–230, 2010.

J. Ogilvie, M. Monagan.
Teaching Mathematics to Students of Chemistry using Symbolic Computation.
Journal of Chemical Education, 84(5), 889-896, May 2007.

Aaron Bradord, Michael Monagan and Colin Percival.
Integer Factorization and Computing Discrete Logarithms in Maple.
Maple 2006 Conference Proceedings, pp. 2–13, MapleSoft, ISBN 1-897310-13-7, 2006.

Simon Lo, Michael Monagan, Roman Pearce
Generic Linear Algebra and Quotient Rings in Maple
Maple 2006 Conference Proceedings, pp. 179–188, MapleSoft, ISBN 1-897310-13-7, 2006.

M. Ebrahimi, M. Monagan.
New Options to Visualize Systems of Differential Equations in Maple,
Proceedings of the 2005 Maple Conference, pp. 260–271, Maplesoft, 2005.

M. Monagan,
2D and 3D Graphical Routines for Teaching Linear Algebra,
Proceedings of the 2002 Maple Summer Workshop, Waterloo Maple Inc., 2002.

M. Monagan,
Worksheets and Notebooks: Can We Teach Mathematical Algorithms with Them?
J. Symbolic Computation, 23 No 5., 535–550, 1997.

Carollyne Guidera and Michael Monagan,
"Introductory Differential Equations: New Tools Give New Understanding to Students." Maple in the Mathematical Sciences
MapleTech, Birkhauser, 4, No 1., 59–67, 1997.

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