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Department of Mathematics,
Simon Fraser University.

I'm a professor in the Mathematics department at Simon Fraser University (SFU). My main area of research is computer algebra which is also called symbolic computation. I am interested in polynomials and computing with (multivarate) polynomials with various kinds of coefficients, e.g., algebraic numbers. I am also interested in the design of computer algebra systems like Maple. Also, with the advent of multi-core computers, it has become necessary to design and implement parallel algorithms. I am coding in Cilk.

I am currently directing our Computational Algebra Group (CAG) and the Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics (CECM). For Spring 2017 I am teaching MATH 158: Calculus II for the Social Sciences and Computer Algebra In Fall 2016 I taught MACM 204: Computing with Calculus, a Maple based Calculus course for second year students.

p. (778) 782-4279 · f. (778) 782-4947 · Shrum Science K 10501 · Department of Mathematics · 8888 University Drive · Burnaby · BC · V5A 1S6 · Canada