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I am currently a professor in the Department of Mathematics of Simon Fraser University. I was previously with the Computer Science Department of Université du Québec à Montréal.

I am a member of the following labs, groups and programs: Computational Methods for the Analysis of the Dynamics and Diversity of Genomes (MADD-GEN) Program (faculty), Graduate Studies in Bioinformatics at UBC and SFU, Centre for Operations Research and Decision Sciences (CORDS), School of Computing Science, SFU (associate member), SFU Discrete Mathematics Group, Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics (CECM), Laboratoire de Combinatoire et Informatique Mathématiques (LaCIM, UQAM).

Research interests and funding. (See following link)
My current research deals primarily with mathematical and computational questions arising from comparative genomics. This includes problems on genome rearrangements, gene families evolution, and computational analysis of RNA, with a strong focus on algorithmic and mathematical aspects.

Depending on the sessions, I am teaching courses in discrete mathematics, programming, theoretical computer science and bioinformatics. In the Spring 2016 term, I am teaching MATH 443: Combinatorial Theory.

Administrative activities.
I am part of the VanBUG seminar series organizing team, and admission chair for the MADD-GEN graduate program.

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Students and post-doctoral fellows.
List of current and past students including their projects and publications.


  • FPSAC: Fast Phylogenetic Scaffolding of Ancient Contigs.
  • ANGES: reconstructing ANcestral GEnomeS maps.
  • BRASERO: Benchmarking RNA secondary structure comparison algorithms. Paper.
  • RNA StrAT, our RNA Structure Analysis Toolkit. ISMB 2008 poster.
  • FragANCHOR, a machine-learning tool for the prediction of GPI-anchored protein sequences. Paper.

Selected recent papers.