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Mathematical Modeling and Computation
MACM 202, Fall 2005

Textbook and Content

Non-Linear Dynamics by Kaplan and Glass.

  • Chapter 1: Finite Difference Equations
  • Chapter 2: Boolean Networks and Cellular Automata
  • Chapter 3: Fractals and Dynamics
  • Chapter 4: First Order Differential Equations
  • Chapter 5: First Order Systems of Differential Equations


We will use Maple extensively for calculations and programming in this course. The university has a site license. Maple is installed on the PCs and MACs in the assignment lab, university open labs and the library. Maple is available from the microcomputer store for about $200. The Maple worksheet (see Handouts below) contains notes on how to use Maple. Please print a copy and read through it even if you have used Maple before.

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