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MACM 204: Computing with Calculus

Fall 2012

Mondays 3:30pm in RCB 8100, Wednesdays 1:30pm or 3:30pm in AQ 3184

No lecture Monday October 8th (Thanksgiving)
No lecture Monday November 12th (Rememberance day).


    The course teaches you how to use mathematical software (we will use Maple) to explore calculus and study mathematical models. We will use Maple for calculus in one variable and two variables, and for graphing functions, curves and surfaces. We will learn how to model physical systems with differential equations and use Maple to solve them and visualize their solutions. The course will also strengthen your programming skills. We will write some simple programs, simple recursive programs and also write not so simple recursive programs for drawing fractals.


We will use Maple extensively for calculations and programming in this course. The university has a site license. Maple is installed on the PCs and MACs in the assignment lab, university open labs and the library. The following file will help you get started. It is a Maple worksheet which you can open in Maple: Getting Started with Maple (.mws) After you've opened it you need to execute the commands by pressing the enter key. The worksheet is also available as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file so you can look at it from your browser.

Class Notes

Notes (.pdf) from Tuesday October 9th.

Maple Worksheet Handouts

Examples of Maple procedures worksheet (.mws) from September 24 and 26.

Broccoli fractal worksheet worksheet (.mws) and (.pdf) from October 15.

Lead model and House warming model worksheet (.mw) and (.pdf) from November 21.

Lokta-Voltera model and SIR virus model worksheet (.mw) and (.pdf) from November 28.

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