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MATH 340-3: Algebra II: Rings and Fields, Fall 2007

Meet, MWF, 10:30-11:20am, AQ 3159

Exam and review session

The final exam is on Wednesday December 12th at 12:00-15:00 in WMC 3260. It is closed book.
Tuesday December 4th. Suling will give a tutorial on solutions to assignment #7 at 9:00am in K9509.
Monday December 10th. I will give a tutorial on solutions to assignment #8 at 1:00pm in AQ4150.

Bonus assignment

There is bonus assignment (.pdf).
You need the handout on cyclotomic polynomials (.pdf) to answer one of the questions.


  • Proving theorems about the integers, the Euclidean algorithm and modular arithmetic.
  • Rings and fields, polynomial rings, the field of complex numbers.
  • Finite fields, their construction and application to error correcting codes.
  • A brief introduction to groups and their connection with rings and fields.


Introduction to Applied Algebraic Systems by Norman Reilly

course information sheet (.txt)

Maple Worksheets

A Maple worksheet with examples showing how to use Maple for MATH 340
MapleNotes.mws (in classic format) (in standard format)

Maple worksheet handouts.
The linear cyclic code example : BCHcodes.mws
The GF(9) isomorphism example :
The Cayley Table for 2 by 2 invertible matrics over GF(2):

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