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Department of Mathematics
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Nils Bruin
Department of Mathematics
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, BC

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Student Theses

  1. Brett Nasserden, Arithmetic aspects of the Burkhardt quartic threefold, M.Sc., Summer 2016.
  2. Navid Alaei, Symmetric Differential Forms on the Barth Sextic Surface, M.Sc., Spring 2015.
  3. Avinash Alexander Kulkarni, On Jacobians of dimension 2g that decompose into Jacobians of dimension g, M.Sc., Summer 2014.
  4. Patrick Ryan McMahon, Solvability of ternary equations of signature (3,3,2), M.Sc., Summer 2014.
  5. Steven Kieffer, Computability in principle and in practice in algebraic number theory: Hensel to Zassenhaus, M.Sc., Spring 2012.
  6. Alexander Molnar, Fractional linear minimal models of rational functions, M.Sc., Fall 2011. errata
  7. Kevin Doerksen, On the arithmetic of genus 2 curves with (4,4)-split Jacobians, Ph.D., Summer 2011.
  8. Brett Hemenway, On recognizing congruent primes, M.Sc., Fall 2006.
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