MOCAA M3 workshop in computational algebra

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Changbo Chen · University of Western Ontario
Triangular Decompositions for Solving Parametric Polynomial Systems

Howard Cheng · University of Lethbridge
Computations with Ore Polynomial Matrices

Muhammad Chowdhury · University of Western Ontario
Multiplication modulo triangular sets.

Oleg Golubitsky · University of Western Ontario
A bound that reduces differential Nullstellensatz to the algebraic one.

Mahdi Javadi · Simon Fraser University
A new solution to the polynomial GCD normalization problem.

Liyun Li and Yuzhen Xie · University of Western Ontario
Computing with Constructible Sets

Marc Moreno MazaXie · University of Western Ontario
Scheduling parallel algorithms in computer algebra (using Cilk).

Michael B. Monagan · Simon Fraser University
Sparse polynomial arithmetic part II: A proposal to dramatically speed up polynomials in Maple.

Roman Pearce · Simon Fraser University
Sparse polynomial arithmetic part I: High Performance

Jie Wu · UWO and Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Science
Evaluation properties of invariant polynomials.