Computer Algebra Group at Simon Fraser

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Upcoming conferences

April 2018
 3-7  Symmetry and Computation, CIRM, Marseille, France.
July 2018
16-19 ISSAC 2018, City University of New York.
             Paper submission deadline: Jan 22(abstract) 29(paper), 2018.
16-20 FPSAC 2018, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire.
24-27 ICMS 2018, Notre Dame, South Bend, Indianapolis
             Talk abstract deadline: March 31.  Paper submission deadline: April 21.
30-02 CSCE '18, Las Vegas, USA.
             Paper submission deadline: March 30.
August 2018
13-18 CICM 2018, RISC Linz, Hagenberg, Austria
September 2018
11-14 ADG 2018, Nanning, China In Memory of Wen-ts√ľn Wu

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