The Computer Algebra Group at Simon Fraser

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Computer Algebra Group at SFU - Meetings and Colloquia

CAG Schedule for 2009

    11  Roman Pearce: Parallel Sparse Polynomial Multiplication.
    18  Michael Monagan: Hilbert's Nullstellensatz and Graph k-colorability.
     4  Bojan Mohar: How to draw with a small number of crossings.
    11  Mahdi Javadi: On factorization of multivariate polynomials over algebraic number and function fields.
    22  Suling Yang: Computing the greatest common divisor of multivariate polynomials over finite fields.
     6  Michael Monagan: The FFT and fast arithmetic in Z.
    20  Michael Monagan: Polynomial multiplication and division.
     1  Paul Vrbik: Visualization of Homotopy's and their Properties.
    10  Michael Monagan: Trager's algorithm for factorization over number fields.
    17  Michael Monagan: Brown's dense modular GCD algorithm.
    24  Michael Monagan: Zippel's sparse modular GCD algorithm and Wang's rational number reconstruction.
    17  Michael Monagan: Two fundamental problems in computational linear algebra.
    24  CECM day '09 on computational mathematics.
        Roman Pearce: High Performance Computing on the Desktop.
        Robert Corless: Pseudospectra for Exponential Polynomial Matrices.
        Daniel Roche: Fast and Small: Multiplying Polynomials without Extra Space.
     6  Chelsea Richards: Algorithms for Factoring Square-Free Polynomials over Finite Fields.
     9  Paul Vrbik: Code generation for polynomial multiplication.
 22-26  Workshop on Discovery and Experimentation in Number Theory, IRMACS, Simon Fraser.
        Michael Monagan: Computing cyclotomic polynomials of very large height and very small height.
    25  Michael Monagan: In-place arithmetic for univariate polynomials over an algebraic number field.

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