The Computer Algebra Group at Simon Fraser

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Computer Algebra Group at SFU - Meetings and Colloquia

CAG Schedule for 2008

     7  Steven Kieffer: A Language for Mathematical Knowledge Management
    18  Hoon Hong: Subresultants in Roots
  6-9   MOCAA M3 Workshop, UWO, London, Ontario.
 12-14  Peter Borwein's 55th Conference, Simon Fraser University.
    23  Pete Halton (2pm, K9509): A prototype equation editor for simple computer algebra systems.
    28  Asif Zaman: DrawGroup: A command for visualizing a finite group and its subgroups.
     4  Howard Cheng: Normal Forms of Polynomial Matrices
    15  Asif Zaman: Demino's algorithm for generating the elements of a finite group.
        Michael Monagan: Computing minimal polynomials for bifurcation points of the logistic map.
     6  Anton Leykin: Primary decomposition and numerical homotopy continuation.
    22  Roman Pearce: Optimizing Sparse Polynomial Multiplication
    24  Mahdi Javadi: Factoring polynomials over algebraic number and function fields.
    26  Michael Monagan: Some problems in computational algebra.
     3  Paul Vrbik (MSc thesis defense): Delayed polynomial arithmetic and applications.
     8  Francois Boulier: On DifferentialAlgebra
        Edgardo Cheb-Terrab: Applications in Special Functions, solving PDE systems, and new ODE solving algorithms.

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