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Computational Algebra Group at SFU

2020 Preprints, Posters and Theses

Kimberly Connolly.
A Maple implementation of FFT-based algorithms for polynomial multipoint evaluation, interpolation, and solving transposed Vandermonde systems.
[ Masters Project (.pdf) ] [ Talk Slides (.pdf) ]

Joris van der Hoeven and Michael Monagan.
Computing one billion roots using the tangent Graeffe method.
[ Preprint (.pdf) ] Submitted to CCA.

J.R. Lombardi and J.F. Ogilvie
The hydrogen atom in the momentum representation;
a critique of the variables comprising the momentum representation.
Chemical Physics 538, 2020.

J.F. Ogilvie
The hydrogen atom in the momentum space.
Ciencia y Technologia 36(1): 1–22, 2020.

Tian Chen and Michael Monagan.
The Complexity and Parallel Implementation of two Sparse Multivariate Hensel Lifting Algorithms for Polynomial Factorization.
[ Preprint (.pdf) ] Accepted for CASC 2020.

Pierre Fortin, Ambroise Fleury, Fran├žois Lemaire, and Michael Monagan.
High performance SIMD modular arithmetic for polynomial evaluation.
[ Preprint (.pdf) ] Submitted to CCPE 2020.

Joris van der Hoeven and Michael Monagan.
An implementation of the tangent Graeffe root finding algorithm.
[ Preprint (.pdf) ] Accepted for ICMS 2020.

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