The Computer Algebra Group at Simon Fraser

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CAG Schedule for 1998

    05 Petr Lisonek, ``Topics in Trigonometric Simplification'' 12 Michael Monagan: The Sensitivity of Measuring Thomson's gamma Parameter in Weakly Anisotropic Media'' 19 Greg Fee, ``Gaussian Quadrature for High-Precision'' 26 FREE 28 George Labahn, ``When are Two Polynomials Relatively Prime?''
    02 Dominique Villard 09 Allan Wittkopf 11 Edguardo Cheb-Terrab, ``Symmetries, Integrating Factors and ODE Patterns'' 16 FREE 23 Kevin Hare, ``Some Applications of the LLL Algorithm''
    02 Petr Lisonek, ``Using the LLL Algorithm in Simplification'' 09 ASI Exchange '98 11 Luis Goddyn, ``Visualization of Combinatorial Algorithms'' 16 Greg Fee, ``Gibb's Phenomenon'' 23 Michael Monagan, ``Simplification of Polynomials'' 25 FREE 30 Dominique Villard
    06 Allan Wittkopf, ``Factorization of c (a x + b)^n + d (e x + f)^n'' 13 EASTER 20 Kevin Hare, ``A Three Vertex Colouring of the Triangles-plus-Cycle Graph: A Graph Colouring Problem of Erdos'' 27 Dominique Villard, ``Report on Status of Code Differentiator''
    09 Greg Reid, ``Formal Solvability of Differential Equations'' 16 Maple Retreat 30 Kevin Hare: Computing the Taylor series coefficients for rational poly-exponential functions.
    08 Colin Rust, Rankings of Partial Derivatives and Elimination Algorithms for PDE and Commutative Algebra'' 08 Erich Kaltofen, ``Challenges of Symbolic Computation: My Favorite Open Problems'' 09 Erich Kaltofen: Efficient Algorithms for Computing the Nearest Polynomial with Constrained Roots. 14 Gert Almkvist, ``Asymptotic Estimates'' 21 Thomas Wolf, ``The CRACK Package'' 24 David Broadhurst, ``Computer-aided Discovery in Quantum Field Theory''
    04 (Math 498/990 final exam) 11 Allan Wittkopf, ``The Collins-Brown Multivariate GCD Algorithm'' 18 term break 25 term break
    1-3 Workshop on Parallel Symbolic Computation (MSRI, Berkeley, CA) 05 Organizational meeting. 3:30pm, CECM 19 Organizational meeting. 3:40pm, TLX 10547 26 Greg Fee, ``GCD's Using Genpoly''
    04 Michael Monagan, ``Generic and Efficient Algorithms'' (CECM Colloquium) 09 Kevin Hare, ``Maple, the Process Package, Bernoulli Numbers and Parallel Computation'' 16 Petr Lisonek, ``The Zero Recognition Problem for Elementary Constants'' 23 Allan Wittkopf, ``A New Maple Implementation of the Collins/Brown Multivariate GCD Algorithm'' 30 Bill Scott, ``The Time Dependence of Lake/Aquifer Systems-Modelling''
    07 Dominique Villard 14 Greg Reid

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