The Computer Algebra Group at Simon Fraser

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CAG Schedule for 2000

    12 Michael Monagan, Timing Results of a Maple Implementation of a Modified Version of Brown's GCD Algorithm for GCDs in Z[x,y] and Q(alpha)[x,y] 19 John Ogilvie and Greg Fee: Evaluation of Franck-Condon Factors with Maple 26 Keith Geddes: Hybrid Symbolic-Numeric Methods Applied to Definite Integrals and ODEs
    02 Agnes Szanto: Solving Degenerate Polynomial Systems over C Using an Extension of Characteristic Sets'' 09 Janez Ales: Towards a Sparse Implementation of Revised Simplex. 16 Edgardo Cheb-Terrab: Tackling Ordinary Differential Equations in Maple Using Symmetry Methods - Part I 23 Edgardo Cheb-Terrab: Tackling Ordinary Differential Equations in Maple Using Symmetry Methods - Part II
    01 Allan Wittkopf, ``Sparse GCD Methods/Fast Numerical Computation in Maple'' 08 Greg Fee, ``Quadrature'' 15 Petr Lisonek, ``The Unwinding Number'' 22 Kevin Hare, ``Using Genetic Algorithms to find `nice' Polynomials'' 29 No meeting
    05 Agnes Szanto, ``Generalization of the Subresultant Method'' 12 No meeting 19 Rick Leung, ``Groebner Bases'' (directed studies talk) 26 Colin Percival, ``A Distributed Search for Size 11 Solutions to the Tarry-Escott Problem''
    03 N. Mohankumar: TANH and IMT Quadratures. 24 Edgardo Cheb-Terrab and Theodore Kolokolnikov, Solving First Order ODEs using Linear Transformations 31 Peter Borwein: The Unreasonable Efficacy of Symbolic Computation -or- Imagine if Gauss had Maple.
    14 Meeting postponed 28 Andrew Solomon, ``Solving Alientiles with GAP''
    05 Greg Fee, ``The Smith Normal Form of a Rectangular Matrix and How to Solve Linear Systems over the Integers'' 19 Data Structures and Algorithms for Polynomial GCD Computation - Michael Monagan: A New Data Structure for Multivariate Polynomial Arithmetic over Z, Q(alpha) and GF(p^k) - Craig Pastro: The Dense Modular GCD Algorithm in Z[x,y,z,...] and Zp[w][x,y,z,...] - Jennifer de Kleine: ``The Sparse Modular GCD Algorithm of Zippel'' - Allan Wittkopf: On the Design and Implementation of Brown's GCD Algorithm over the Integers and Number Fields'' 26 The Simplification Problem - Jamie Mulholland: The problem of - ``Factorization in Q[s,c]/<s^2+c^2-1> and Simplification of Quotients of Trigonometric Polynomials'' - Hans Bauck: ``A Design for a Simplifier for the Elementary Constants and Functions'' - Petr Lisonek: ``An Implementation of the Unwinding Number K(z) and its Application to the Simplification of Algebraic Formulae Involving Roots and Logarithms'' - Allan Wittkopf: Determination of Maximal Symmetry Groups of Classes of Differential Equations
    13 - Michael Monagan: "The Greatest GCD is Not Big Enough!" 26 Greatest Common Divisors - Colin Percival: Fast Integer GCDs - Michael Monagan: The dense modular GCD algorithm over finite fields and number fields. - Jennifer de Kleine: Zippel's sparse modular GCD algorithm over finite fields.
    10 Differential Equations - Allan Wittkopf: Recent improvements to Maple's numerical ODE solvers. - Edgardo Cheb-Terrab: An implementation of an algorithmic approach for finding analytic solutions of systems of PDE. - John Ogilvie : Analysis of complicated chemical kinetics with Maple - Imin Chen: How primes ramify in algebraic number fields.
    07 Cryptography and Simplification Tools - Greg Fee: Diffie Helman Crytopgrahy using Chebyshev Polynomials - Edgardo Cheb-Terrab: Simplification tools for Maple - Edgardo Cheb-Terrab: Simplification of Algebraic Expressions in Maple
    05 - Janez Ales: A New Bivariate Factorization Algorithm of Shuhong Gao

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