The Computer Algebra Group at Simon Fraser

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Computer Algebra Group Meetings and Seminars at SFU

Schedule for 2013

January 2013
     9 Andrew Arnold: School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo
              A recursive, Las Vegas algorithm for the interpolation of sparse
              polynomials given by straight-line programs
     9 Michael Monagan: Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University
              POLY: A new polynomial data structure for Maple 17: New timings.

April 2013
   27    ECCAD 2013, US Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland.

May 2013
    3    Bruno Buchberger, 11:30am, IRMACS theatre, ASB 10900.
         How much of mathematical invention can be automated?

June 2013
    13   Manindra Agrawal, 10:30am, IRMACS theatre, ASB 10900
         Polynomials from a Computational Perspective
    18   Uzi Vishkin, 10:30am, IRMACS theatre, ASB 10900
         Is General-Purpose Many-Core Parallelism Imminent?
 26-29   ISSAC 2013, Boston, Massachussetts.

July 2013
    23  Manuel Kauers: 2:30pm, IRMACS theatre, ASB 10900.
         Finding Closed Form Solutions of Differential Equations.

August 2013
     7   Symposium on Mathematics and Computation, Simon Fraser University.

September 2013
     4  2:30pm, K9509.
           Andrew Arnold: Faster interpolation of straight-line programs.
           Paul Vrbik: (slides)  The dimension of a monomial ideal. 

November 2013
     5  2:30pm, K9509.
           Lily Yen: On the length of integers in telescopers for proper hypergeometric terms.

December 2013
     10  10:30pm, K9509.
           Matthew Gibson: Optimizing and parallelizing Brown's GCD algorithhm.
           Michael Monagan: Measuring water flow of rivers
           Roman Pearce: Maple's Grid package.