The Computer Algebra Group at Simon Fraser

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CAG Schedule for 2002

January February March May MITACS AGM, May 23-25. June Excursions in Computational Number Theory, June 17-28. July ISSAC '02, July 7-10. MSW '02, July 28-30. August Teaching and Doing Mathematics with Maple, August 12-16.
    02 TBA 08 Summer NSERC presentations Aaron Bradford Isabelle Major Timothy Mott Jennifer Katarenchuk 09 CECM '02
    09 Organizational meeting 16 Greg Fee : Linear Least Squares using Orthogonal Polynomials 23 No meeting: CECM/CoLab Opening Day 30 Progress reports / discussion of MITACS projects Jennifer de Kleine: Faster Groebner Basis Computation with FGLM Alexa van der Waall: Patterns of Zeros of Zeta-functions Roman Pearce: A New Maple Package for Polynomial Ideals Edgardo Cheb-Terrab: The Function Wizard
    07 Demo of Parallel Maple on the Beowulf cluster (in the CoLaB). 14 No meeting: Thanksgiving 21 No meeting 28 Progress reports Austin Roche: Finding the zero set of analytic functions in Maple. Allan Wittkopf: Connections between Numerical ODE methods and Homotopy root-finding methods, an exploration.
    04 Progress reports Ron Ferguson: Polyphase sequences with low autocorrelation Michael Monagan: GCDs in F[x1,x2,...,xn]: the algebraic function field case. 11 No meeting: Remembrance Day. 18 Meeting postponed (IRMACS talk) 22 Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Science. 25 Meeting postponed (MITACS talk)

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