The Computer Algebra Group at Simon Fraser

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Computer Algebra Group at SFU - Meetings and Colloquia

CAG Schedule for Fall 2007

     3 Greg Fee The Radius of Convergence of a Taylor Series
     3 Andrew Arnold Calculating Cyclotomic Polynomials
    18 Juergen Gerhard Maple Training Session, 9:00am - 12:00noon, K9509.
    19 Roman Pearce Sparse Pseudo Division
    22 Harry Watkins Mathematica 6 in Education and Research
    11 John Ogilvie: The Hartley Transform
    11 Mahdi Javadi: Parallelizing C programs using Cilk
    4 Michael Monagan: Computing cyclotomic polynomials of large height.
      Mahdi Javadi: Computing GCDs over Function Fields using Sparse Interpolation.
    5 Marc Moreno Maza: Triangular decomposition of polynomial systems.
      Xin Li: Fast arithmetic for triangular sets: from theory to practice.
      Wei Pan: Solving parametric polynomial systems with the RegularChains library in Maple.
      Yuzhen Xie: Solving Polynomial Systems Symbolically and in Parallel.
    5 Zhengfeng Yang: On probabilistic analysis of randomization in hybrid symbolic-numeric algorithms.

CAG Schedule for Summer 2007

    25  Herbert Wilf (PIMS talk): Mathematics: An Experimental Science
    28  Michael Monagan: Solving linear systems over cyclotomic fields.
    31  CMS / MITACS conference, Winnipeg, May 31 - June 3
        Computer Algebra and Computer Algebra Systems session, June 1-2, 2007.
        Talk titles and abstracts (.pdf)
    13  Michael Monagan: Lecture on modular algorithms for polynomial GCD computation.
    20  Keehong Song: Ajax & RIA for Computer Algebra Systems
     4 Michael Monagan: Lecture on rational reconstruction and solving linear systems.
    18 Michael Monagan: Lecture on computing with algebraic numbers.
    29 ISSAC '07, Waterloo, July 29 - August 1
    7 Liang Chen (Thesis defence) Solving Linear Systems over Cyclotomic Fields.
    8 CECM day '07
    8 William Stein SAGE -- Open Source Mathematical Software

CAG Schedule for Spring 2007

    24  Al Erickson: Computing The Edge Chromatic Number
    7  Michael Monagan: What is the right data structure to use for polynomial division?
   21  Roman Pearce: Heap-Based Algorithms for Sparse Polynomial Arithmetic
     7  Allan Wittkopf: The GraphTheory:-IsomorphicGraphs Command
    21  Greg Fee and John Ogilvie: Character Tables
        Allan Wittkopf: Parallel Computing in Maple 11 (Maple .mw file)
    20  Chris Mitchell: Generic collision attacks on hash-functions

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